mood board 24 is the first mood board in my new apartment. i don’t know if you missed it, but i surely did!

i moved to valencia at the beginning of spring. i was planning to get a new “wall” sooner but i’ve always found myself having something more urgent to do. but, 13 months after my last mood board – yes, i counted – with the help of my friends, i finally did it! i put together my new wall. best 14 euros i’ve ever spent! 6 insulating panels that fit into one another and 3 boxes of cheap old-school tacks.

i spent 1 month in japan and korea a few months ago and i had all this stuff in stand by. i’m sorry i didn’t post about it but there’s so much stuff. i just didn’t know where to start… but i posted 70 pics on my instagram. go check that out if you haven’t already.

all this being said, let me introduce you to the wall’s highlights. top left, it’s the poster of yoshitomo nara’s show in toyota municipal museum of art called for better or worse. i remember we saw it on a friday, at noon. still, the museum was pretty crowded. i enjoyed taking a train or two out of nagoya and going to toyota for this. it was definitely worth it.

the tortoise bag is from the yokohama triennale. another day trip worth taking. this time we were coming from tokyo.

the pink page shows the inside of an inflatable concert hall called ark nova, created by anish kapoor and arata isozaki. we were in town for the short while it was planted behind tokyo midtown and we saw it both inside and out.

the red lacquer box is part of a kyoto show of tatsuaki kuroda‘s work. it included approximately 90 pieces, some of them spellbinding. it felt great discovering the complexity and thoroughness invested into the wood.

we went to aoyama to finally visit the taro okamoto memorial museum. because last time we were there, it was closing time. there are 3 pages below illustrating his work. his house and sculpture garden are one of my favourite places in tokyo.

the little water painting is mine. we went into a gallery in seoul and it was a multi-layered experience we didn’t expect. we paid a little fee to go in and, beside the art, we got a free drink and several spaces we could relax and enjoy it. on the first floor, there were water paints available, most probably to keep kids busy. but, since there were no kids around, i played in the middle of the patio, surrounded by korean traditional dwelling space. afterwards, we went to the roof, where we lounged on bean chairs, under large sheets protecting us from the september sun. they had art books too. i wanted to stay there for longer but there was not enough time.

then, you can see a few of the shinkansen models in use nowadays. i’m still very much in awe every time i get the chance to watch them.

the maze of the subway map always makes me think of tokyo.

the cross of light is the flyer of tadao ando’s endevors show in the national art center tokyo. the picture depicts the full-scale on-site replica of his church of light. an interesting, comprehensive show. my bf bought the catalog so that we can read everything carefully. because the venue was so full you couldn’t spend too much time in front of an exhibit.

the two horizontal pieces are from the nezu museum in minato. an interesting museum hiding a wonderful park.

below, a flyer for the (then upcoming, now ongoing) julian opie show in seoul. i saw his work earlier this year, in valencia. but in asia, he’s blown up. we saw his works in the harbour of takamatsu, on the roof of kukje gallery and in kiaf 2017, to name just the places i can think of straight away.

kukje gallery is my favourite in seoul. they are very active and worth checking out.

and the kanazawa music bar was definitely the best time i had in a bar in a very long time. it was on the ground floor of our hotel and we decided a cocktail won’t hurt. we couldn’t expect what happened. the owner came to the table with several bottles, explaining to us the different characteristics of the whiskey. the smiling server who spoke no english. the high-rank sarary man chattering loudly with the girl dj playing vinyls. a friends commented on my instagram pic and said that the beautiful huge speakers they had were rare and super expensive. and, ultimately, the two local ladies in traditional wear we shared our table with. it was getting crowded and we wouldn’t have wanted the bar to miss on business because of us. a memorable night!

i like tatsumi orimoto‘s work including his mother. it’s endearing.

i hope you liked my mood board 24. i’m very happy with it!

photo credits: little aesthete