mood board 25 has been recently mounted in my bedroom.

the last mood board reflected my month-long japan and korea.

so i had to work hard to make sure i gathered sufficient material for a change. my new wall is based on, well, spain.

the big black poster on the right corner is raquel zimmermann in a comme des garcons dress.

the poster below is from a very interesting exhibition at muvim. it presented the times valencia was featured in comics. cool!

there is a current joan miro show at ivam. the black and white sheet of paper is from there. it gives info about the sculpture room. a bigger selection of miro’s sculptures is currently on show at centro botin, in santander.

there’s a lot of stuff from barcelona. that’s because i spent 2 long weekends there during the past 9 months.

the two little pages of text bellow are in valencian. it’s an interview with french writer virginie despentes.

it’s also the first text in valencian i was eager to read through.

the fashion pics are from the current edition of vogue japan and from an older edition of another magazine.

this technicolor poster is from a show in centre del carme. it’s a retrospective of the artist who designed the falla municipal this year. his name is okuda and he’s a succesful pop artist from santander.

the yellow poster is from a temporary exhibition at fundacio joan miro in barcelona.

although i’ve only been fangirling from afar, i’m mourning the departure of phoebe philo from celine.

the cool visuals of last year’s fira del llibre de valencia.

a beautiful black and white picture by french photographer jean dieuzaide. i pinned a series.

a blurry pic of tokyo tower. sigh…

i wonder what i’ll do for no. 26. since i have no big trip plans ahead…

photo credits: little aesthete