mood board 26 was on the wall until early autumn.

i postponed posting about it because i don’t like the pics. anyhow, no. 28 is up on the wall already. so i had to make a decision. so, here goes nothing.

this wall has several posters and pieces i found in my archive. yes, i keep probably thousands of pages ripped from magazines. also, flyers and posters from travels.

here are 3 posters from shows i saw in valencia. i liked the exhibition about cabanyal. what is nowadays a beach-adjacent neighbourhood used to be an altogether separate fishing village. very interesting pictures.

these are a few pages torn from an old vogue. it’s maggie rizer photographed by nick knight. the british vogue issue dates from april 1999. 20 years ago. i’m baffled.

the upside down chicken is the poster for the ron mueck show we saw in london in 2012, at hauser & wirth.

we bought this korean ramen poster in seoul in 2017. we nearly lost it in narita airport. but the guards were nice and retrieved it for us.

the folded white paper is the printed menu we received at the end of our meal at the ricard macarena restaurant. the restaurant is now fully booked for a while, it has recently received 2 michelin stars.

in the bottom row, there is a flyer for the vivian maier show. we discovered her in vienna last summer.

i apologize for the low quality of the pictures. in part, it’s because of the light: too strong on one side and insufficient on the other.

photo credits: little aesthete