mood board no 10 is my first post after the trip. i have been back for a few days, but loads of work were waiting for my attention so i haven’t been able to focus on telling you my stories just yet.

mood board japan

as you know, i have been away for one month. and i am now a bit exhausted from the over-stimulation. but i do have lots of posts brewing in my mind. you can guess some of them by investigating the pins on my mood board.

i love a freshly done wall: it’s full of new, exciting memories. most of the pins bear a very recent story. few are unrelated to my actual experiences but relevant for the overall feel. my mood board holds a lot of stories: the card of a cat cafe in taipei, a page ripped from a korean magazine, a drawing a friend made for me, brochures for endless art exhibitions, etc.

do you see this huge blue-haired moe icon below? it’s a virtual hottie called hatsune miku. and louis vuitton has an ongoing collaboration with it. wait…whaaat? but it’s japan so it’s kinda expected, right?

mood board japan

here you see, among others: the big buddha from kamakura. a colourful flyer for a cool art show held in the diesel gallery. the gallery is part of their big shibuya store.

mood board japan

here you have an ad for japan red, the country’s newest shinkansen. and here is miku chan again. this idoru is non-existent but that didn’t stop her from being a big hit in japan. or from having her own brand cafe. i mean, if a huge international fashion house like louis vuitton thinks that it’s beneficial to associate with her, i think that says a lot about her impact.  mood board japan

here, i pinned my ticket to see a hillside of azaleas in bloom, in hakone. it was sensational! the cute white thing pinned on the page with the bowl haircut model is the business card of a little artist. she was showing her stuff in a harajuku gallery.

mood board

the gigantic woman is a ron mueck sculpture, in towada. we saw the kaws show in a hurry, on our first day in tokyo. the thing that looks like a lotus root section is a coaster i took from the korean (or was it vietnamese?) restaurant in mot. mama aiuto! is the name of the museum store in the ghilbli museum.

mood board

the red ant is in front of the towada arts center. the fuji yama picture is from hakone. and it is yoshitomo nara who advises us to kill our timid notion.

mood board

i pinned a map of the tokyo metro, in japanese. also, a taiwanese ad for anton corbijn‘s latest film. mood board

an ad for the current bensimon collection. a jeff koons’ polished steel heart for the ongoing mori art museum show. and a flyer for the open air museum in hakone.

mood board

a test tube cut out. a card for 10 corso como cafe in gangnam, seoul. an origami dress in lieu of a business card.

mood board mood board

ballerina feet, as picked up from the super cool hyundai design library in seoul. and the kawaii queen: hello kitty.

mood board mood board mood board mood board japan mood board japan

i will be back with all the stories. in the mean time, i have started posting pictures from the road, one day per album. click here to check them out!

photo credits: little aesthete