mood board no 11 was an unexpected update. but a couple of my friends are moving out and they gave me a stack of their magazines. i went through the magazines, ripped out my favourite pages and updated my wall.

mood board 11 1

there’s little else on the wall beside that. and i see how the wall is less colourful than usual. but it’s ok, autumn is here and it’s my favourite time of the year.

i was asked if iceland and hong kong are my future destinations. i surely hope they are in my future, but for now, i haven’t booked any flights whatsoever.

mood board 11 2mood board 11 4mood board 11 3mood board 11 10 mood board 11 11

my favourite additions to the wall? the blue/violet light by james turrell. 2013 is certainly his year, with two big retrospectives in his home country. i’ve seen his work before, in japan, a few times in the past. but all the related material i read this year made me sorry i couldn’t make it to either la or ny for his shows. he is well ahead of our time and his approach to art is unparalleled.

mood board 11 7mood board no. 11 9 mood board no. 11 8mood board no. 11 5 mood board no. 11 6

i also like the series by finnish illustrator vladimir: the dolphin, the narwhal and the bugs. very cool!

mood board no. 11 11 mood board no. 11 14 mood board no. 11 15mood board no. 11 13 mood board no. 11 12

next week i will be at the seaside, so there will be no new posts.

but keep an eye on the micul estet facebook page for updates though! see you soon!

photo credits: little aesthete