mood board no 12 is the result of my recent trip to vienna. check it out!

mood board 12 7

i love to gather all sorts of interesting brochures, cards and posters. they somehow make me feel like the trip lasts longer since they make me think about my new finds.

mood board 12 1mood board 12 2 mood board 12 3 mood board 12 4 mood board 12 5

most of the cards you see below come from ateliers olschinsky.

i first heard about them them back in september when aitch and saddo had a show there. that is why two of the cards below feature the two romanian artists. when i visited the gallery, the staff was actually packing up one of the aitch pieces. the gallery is spacious, the selection was very interesting and peter olschinsky is very active in the viennese art circles. i actually spent an hour or so in a cafe going through the back issues of his art magazine, nevertheless.

mood board 12 6

here are a few business cards from the hotels i have visited recently. also, some blue and white samples of if dogs run free visual identity.

mood board 12 8

the big poster with the circus theme is from 25h, one of my favourite hotels in vienna.

mood board 12 9 mood board no 12 10

is there anything on my mood board no 12 that you like? or hate, i’m equally interested.

photo credits: little aesthete