mood board no 13 is in place! i have been waiting for a sunny day to take the pictures but the weather in bucahrest has been very gloomy lately. unfortunately, it seems that the lack of sun will continue. so i had to work with the light at hand and tweak the resulting pictures a little.

mood board 13 1

usually, i change my wall after a trip. but this time i found enough material for a whole new wall before my upcoming week in london.

mood board 13 2 mood board no 13 3

you must be wondering why i have a pair of red socks pinned to my wall. well, you just have to wait a little longer. a dedicated post is coming up soon!

mood board no 13 4

on the right side you have the 10 double pages of oana lohan‘s book, enjoy bucharest. oana is a romanian illustrator currently based in paris. i cut out the thread binding and undid the pages: i think this is how she wanted them!

mood board no. 13 5 mood board no. 13 6 mood board no. 13 11mood board no. 13 12mood board no. 13 13mood board no. 13 7

i am one of those people who try to make the best of new year’s resolutions. for 2014, i short listed the following: i try to work out more, i try to waste less time on the internet and i try to be more productive. good luck to me!

mood board no. 13 8

below, i have a selection of little mementos from my recent trip to valencia. mood board 13 10

last but not least: the poster of a recent show from a bucharest gallery, galateca. it consisted of a series of modular pieces and it was called glimpses of infinite symmetry.

mood board 13 9

photo credits: little aesthete