mood board no 14 is how my wall looks like now that i’m back from london. as i was telling you before, i have been chasing art most of the time so the wall is full of fliers and posters from all the exhibitions and the galleries.

mood board no 14 1

if you are wondering why is hitler featured twice on my wall, it’s because he is maurizio cattalan’s contribution to his current gagosian gallery show on davies street.

mood board no 14 2

the spinning mothers sign below is part of martin creed’s show at the hayward gallery, on south bank. i liked it and i recommend it. it ends on april the 27th so you still have time. the highlight was definitely the balloon room: a hall full of 6-7,000 over-sized white balloons. they give you a bracelet and they let you in. the whole space is full of balloons and you need to make way for yourself through the crowd of rubber. don’t go if you have any kind of claustrophobia. i’m not kidding. otherwise, it’s a trip!

note: you will find a picture below of a previous version of the work. the difference is that the one in london now allows you no visibility. you will only be guided by the arrows on the ceiling pointing towards the exit.

mood board no 14 3mood board 14 9 mood board no 14 4

these are two looks from the current acne collection.

mood board no 14 5mood board no 14 6mood board 14 7 mood board 14 8

here you have an exhibition at the royal academy, prints by norman stevens, and one at the barbican center, monumentum.

mood board 10

the round pink map shows the two locations of the serpentine gallery, in hyde park.

mood board 11

busaba is a thai restaurant on panton street. well, the one i went to is there, the chain actually has various other locations. it was my first time trying thai cuisine. not the last though!

mood board 12

how do you like my current mood board? and more importantly, since i’ll be back in london in one month, what’s the most important thing i should definitely see? the best affordable restaurant i should visit? and the newest hipster area i should hang out in? thank you!!!

photo credits: little aesthete