mood board no 15 is the direct result of me buying too many magazines. it doesn’t happen often so… enjoy!

mood board 15

mood board no 15 1

you probably have already read my post on the pradasphere.

if you are wondering about the wire penis, know that it was a find. i was walking in the park and i found it. i like keeping random interesting things i find. the penis seems to be the work of a weekend drinker: it’s made of champagne cork wire. another trinket i have recently found is the red plastic ring

mood board no 15 2

i kept the beard article because, in london, hipsters reached priest levels of beardedness.

the film poster is for a husband wife collaboration. he is film director lukas moodysson and she is  graphic novelist coco moodysson. i’m looking forward to see we are the best!

mood board no 15 3 mood board no 15 4 mood board no 15 5

my most recent london hotel was very attentive with its guests. here you have a map of the neighboring michelin-starred restaurants. they also give out maps for possible running routes and more.

mood board 15 6

how to you like binx? find the two pictures of her that i pinned and decide.

mood board 15 7

this is the entire series with daria from i-d. does anybody happen to love her in this editorial as much as i do? apparently she does two hours of ashtanga yoga daily, beside having great genes and beside working out in other myriad ways. that sounds like a lot of work, energy and dedication!

mood board 15 8 mood board 15 9

if you’re wondering about the blue matisse, it’s one of the works in the current show at tate modern.

reading so many magazines was no easy. i think i’ll stick to my regular vogue uk for a while! lol!

photo credits: little aesthete