mood board no 17 is the first post of its kind in 5 months. oops!

mood board no 17

on one hand, the winter light is not so good. on the other, the wall wasn’t complete so i postponed the post until it was at least 75% full.

mood board no 17 1

the neverending buildings are an instagram shot from hong kong. it’s part of a former issue of urban outfitters magazine.

mood board no 17 8

prada concrete and the alexanderplatz tv tower in berlin.

mood board no 17 2 mood board no 17 3

the black and white drawing is the centerfold of a fanzine i got from a friend.

mood board no 17 4

the center piece of my board is a self-portrait of sylvie guillem. she took a series of them years ago, for french vogue. the current issue recycles two of them to announce her retirement. i have loved this series of portraits for a long time. she’s a wonderful freak of nature!

below, you have the flyer of the ai weiwei show in barcelona as well as an adrian ghenie painting.

mood board no 17 5

i love this shot of grandmothers wearing & dolce gabbana. below, there are a few pictures from inside gaudi’s casa batllo.

mood board no 17 7

most of the stuff is from spain. i like to keep bits of my trips, such as metro cards or checks from restaurants i liked.

mood board no 17 6

i hope the next mood board post will not take another 5 months to publish.

photo credits: little aesthete