mood board no 18 was in place weeks ago but i didn’t get around to get pictures of it. it obviously mirrors my recent trip to amsterdam and the related day trips.

mood board no 18

since the immersion is over, pinning all these bits on my wall is a rather desperate attempt of keeping that energy alive. when i am away, there’s so much less stress in my life that i am a different person. my curiosity runs me and my point-and-shoot camera is always in my right pocket, a second away from clicking. i have this idea: the life of holiday me is so much more interesting. she goes out more, gets to soak up a shitload of art and architecture and new energy. she is open and easily distracted. when i’m back home, spending my days typing away, i envy her!

mood board no 18 1

the blue mask is part of the jean paul gaultier itinerant show, currently in paris.

mood board no 18 2 mood board no 18 3

to the left, you have the brochure of rotterdam kunsthal. to the right, a picture from inside the rietveld house in utrecht.

mood board no 18 4

this is the back of the escher in het paleis brochure, from den haag. i missed it when i was in town though.

mood board no 18 5 mood board no 18 6

i didn’t make it to leiden. it wasn’t even on the list. but i loved this beautiful poster for its botanical garden!

mood board no 18 7 mood board no 18 8

i went to the roxette concert to see their opening act, my personal favourites eskobar. a stupid, violent one-hour storm ate up their time slot. daniel was super kind and put me on his guest list. thank you very much and i know we’ll meet one day!

mood board no 18 9

anja rubik with her also model husband, if i’m not mistaken, in vogue paris.


i really liked the style of this illustrator. i ripped the pages out of a rotterdam magazine. his name is jeroen van de ruit.

IMG_4579 IMG_4581 IMG_4582 IMG_4583

three sibling museums in utrecht have a great system in place. you buy the ticket that allows you to see all three. the ticket also covers the rent of a bike that can take you to the rietveld house, which is a bit remote. i loved navigating the empty sunny utrecht streets on my heavy rent bike.


kaws arrived in amsterdam a few days after i left.

IMG_4585 IMG_4586

the oversize rubber ducky is by personal favourite, dutch artist florentijn hofman.


this is a frank gehry building in rioja country, in northern spain. click here to read about my visit.


my wall needs to keep me inspired at least until mid-july, when i go to switzerland. i think i’ll be ok!

photo credits: little aesthete