mood board no 19 is my recent trip to switzerland reconstructed.

mood board no 19

the picture of daria above is ripped from vogue paris. she’s wearing, as only she can, a pair of leather judo pants. they are brightly colored but i love how they chose to show the image in black and white.

on the day we spent in neuchatel, we found the local tourist information center. it was decidedly one of the best of its kind i have ever seen. it provided us with plenty of brochures and the staff very kindly helped us personalize our day. so, most of these wonderful pictures of breathtaking swiss scenery are from the brochures i picked up that day.

mood board no 19 1 mood board no 19 2mood board no 19 12 mood board no 19 3 mood board no 19 4 mood board no 19 5 mood board no 19 6

i don’t know if this image is an actual lucio fontana piece or it’s just inspired by his work. but i know for sure that the second is a drawing by hundertwasser, the austrian architect. we saw the show in geneva during the last day of our trip.

mood board no 19i mood board no 19h mood board no g mood board no f mood board no e

i love this bird’s view of the lake geneva.

mood board no a

here you have our geneva cards: super useful!

also a picture of beautiful berne: post coming very soon!

i told you about les enfants terribles in my 1st geneva post.

mood board no b mood board no cmood board no d

i still have a few days worth of pictures left to post from my swiss trip. i’ve been busy, both with work and play, so please bear with me and stay tuned!

photo credits: little aesthete