mood board no 20 is the new face of my “wall”.


it’s been a while since i last post a mood board. that’s because i skipped one. and that is because the content was rather personal.


i found this big black and white poster on the ground, because whoever was trying to put it up messed it up. but it was whole enough for me so i carried it in my backpack for that entire day and then brought it home with me. not sorry!


this is a small selection of business cards from the valencian places on my list.

IMG_7564 IMG_7565IMG_7566mood board no 20

a few months ago, i gave up buying magazines. but i made an exception for this particular issue of vogue paris (december 2015). the entire issue was with and about vanessa paradis. i am not her biggest fan but how can one not admire her? i know that her daughter is now one of the new darlings of the media, but i still prefer the mother to the daughter, even if they look so similar.

also, the best pictures of her were taken by my personal favourite, photographer karim sadli.

i like the tooth gap picture best. and then i like the one where vanessa is completely drowned in an oversize vetements bomber. she looks 16. wow!


i wish kids really wore the crazy cacophonous outfits prada imagines. i believe it’s the very young and the very old who can get away with this kind of style.

mood board no 20

the wall is kinda empty but it’s ok. it doesn’t always have to be super busy. i mean, i try to go with the flow when it comes to pinning on my wall. there are so few places where you can truly be yourself that i won’t find rules for them.

do you use mood boards?

photo credits: little aesthete