mood board no 21 is the stuff that i use in an attempt to keep the same frame of mind as i had during my recent trip to london and paris.

mood board no 21

i spend most of my life working and doing boring stuff like cooking and cleaning. that’s why i try to keep on that holiday feeling as much as i can. i suspect that is one of the reasons why i have mood boards. and journals lol.

as you can tell, half of this mood board consists of pictures of sergei polunin taken by mario sorrenti for vogue hommes paris. yes, i bought the magazine exclusively to pin all these pics on my wall and i’m not sorry one bit. i have been following this 26 yo ukrainian for a couple of years and i will continue to do so. he is exceptionally expressive and i can see why they call him a bad boy and rock star: i can’t take my eyes off him!

mood board no 21 1mood board no 21 2

the guy in the louis vuitton ad is xavier dolan, the 27 yo canadian who has directed 5 long feature films already. the most recent is part of the official competition in cannes these days. watch out for this one!

mood board no 21 3

below, you have pages i tore from two film magazines, cards of the places where i ate, leaflets and a post card i bought. it’s the image i remember most from a gilian wearing show i saw years ago in whitechapel gallery in london.

the cinematheque francaise had an exhibition of gus van sant‘s pictures of his favourite young boys. you can see a double page from the film elephant and the leaflet, a painting of model ash by the film director himself.

mood board no 21 4 mood board no 21 6mood board no 21 8

it’s not much but it reminds me of my trip. also, it makes me think of new things and day dream.

photo credits: little aesthete