mood board no 22 was the first thing i did after i managed to pull myself together after my 15-day trip to italy.

mood board no 22

the selection of items pinned on my wall is kinda random, but isn’t it always?

i ripped pages out of magazines and i kept the receipts and flyers i liked. that is the map of rome in the top right hand corner.

mood board no 22 1

you can probably spot asap rocky for dior in a cool red overcoat. am i the only one who noticed that a traditional french fashion house is currently represented by two celebrities of colour – rihanna is also an ambassador. not bad, dior!

mood board no 22 2

below, you can see a few pages featuring the amazing rolling hills of tuscany, at various locations and times.

mood board no 22 3

i chose this dolce & gabbana ad specifically because it looks happy and it was shot on a regular italian street.

below, you can see i kept some of the serghei polunin‘s pictures from my previous mood board.

mood board no 22 4

the black and white pic is ripped from an editorial spread and it was also chosen for its italian flavour.

mood board no 22 5

eddie redmayne is currently the face of prada. but i liked this picture of him better, even if it’s not part of the campaign.

below, the new issey miyake collection. i love that coat!

mood board no 22 6

i was sorry to find out that i missed the celebration of the shrimp in san savino. i wish i could have been there!

mood board no 22 7

this is kate moss and susie bick, nick cave’s wife. the picture is part of the campaign for equipment. read more about it here.

mood board no 22 8

i kept the packaging of the campari soda: both the cardboard box and the five cute glass bottles. i’ll tell you a secret: i actually bought and struggled to drink the bitter only to get the bottles…

on the right, there’s daria shot by juergen teller for celine.

mood board no 22 9

this is a selection of the smaller items. all in all, the wall will hopefully be able to keep me connected to the italian atmosphere for as long as possible.

mood board no 22 10

these being said, i’m planning to post my own pictures from the trip in a series of posts so… stay tuned!

photo credits: little aesthete