you know how we all have a hard time finding time for working out and our most frequent excuse is lack of time? well, i can tell you that i read magazines (more like check out the pictures because of all the movement) when i’m on my elliptical machine because: 1. running on the spot is boring as hell and 2. i do 2 things at the same time, which makes me feel better-organized.

if you are a hot shot business man for whom fitness is way more important than money, you can get visioweb. it’s what i do, only way better: instead of just plonking my vogue on the display, their display has internets, tv, games and whatever else you may want in order to keep you entertained and not thinking: 11:25…11:43…12 minutes!!! lol!

i cannot seem to find the price for this gadget but you can get more info here (watch the video but excuse the children’s commercial music)

i think this is an amazing idea and i can see all the fun you can have running while doing the stuff you usually do sitting on your behind, but, as i imagine it’s also very expensive, personally, i think i will stick to my system…