dada bistro. i have been a client for many years and, no matter how often i cheat on them, i always come back. because they satisfy my need for a discreet, beautiful place where i can feel great having a yummy meal.

i like their business approach: fast profit does not seem to be the main factor and a client can certainly feel that.

the menu is great value for money and intriguingly varied. try anyhting: the sushi, the rabbit or the beef tenderloin. you will not be disappointed.

as for the thing we all know that can make or break a good restaurant: the service… impeccable. the waiters are not of that overbearing kind reminiscent of old times. they are always present but never intrusive. the dishes come fast but not as fast as it would make me think that my salad is anything but freshly cut.

the bistro doubles as a showroom and they also do home delivery courtesy of

click here for their special valentine’s day menu.

you must try it if you’re in bucharest!


photo credits: dada