maynard james keenan from tool, a perfect circle and puscifer is my top ghost. i’ve been reconnecting to the whole mjk thing lately by listening to a lot of apc and i reckoned i could let you all on it…

i see him as this short guy with a pretty sick sense of humour, part-time rock star, part time-wine maker. with a stubborn following of gloomy fans, he’s been trying to escape the implicit god-like status by forcing an endless series of products down our throats and by creating a nerdy borderline red-neck public persona.

regardless of these often very successful efforts, i still think he’s hot. in spite of the continuous smoke thrown in my fan eyes, i insist to read between the lines and finally choose to listen to what he has to say. and this schizoid division between the visceral voice on the albums and the guy bobbing his head between two suicide princesses or the hollywood rock star getting an underwater blow job from a retard is hard to swallow. but not impossible.  i go for the dark, vulnerable character that deals with heart wrenching topics served with a side dish of  abuse, drugs, sex, etc.

in case you’ve never tried maynard’s stuff, i know the best way to start! i give you the very palatable video of a very melodious apc hit. it features, among other things, maynard in sheer underpants being ravaged by tattooed whores. i may be all ironic, but i assure you this is the only socially accepted way of praising somebody you have a hard on for. i save the alternative for quiet nights in.


enjoy the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

photo and video credits: google search