i have always seen myself reflected in the eyes of people as being weird. i didn’t understand it at first, but i was fine with it. so i had known for years that i was different, but it was only recently that i found out that i was actually just an introvert.


carl jung, the father of the whole concept, said that people are never fully extroverted or introverted. you should rather imagine a scale: introvert is one end, extrovert the other end and ambivert is in the center.

lately, i have started to read and understand more about this whole introvert/extrovert thing. and it turns out i have had this wrong understanding of the idea. an introvert is not necessarily shy or aloof as much as a recluse by choice. an introvert is a person who would rather look inwards than outwards for stimulation and acceptance.


i can do well socially, but that takes its toll on me. i do best when i’m alone or in one-on-one situations. i also love spending time with animals. probably because they have no idea what being polite is so they’re just honest.

not only did i realize i was mainly an introvert, but i also came to understand that introversion in itself is a criterion i have been using when choosing friends. my closest friends are introverts, which comes handy as we understand each other’s need for space. i prefer quality in my interactions over quantity. and i am definitely not shy. i’m just not big on polite small talk in a roomful of people.

my day job is free lance translator, which is a perfect introvert job. i work alone most of the time and i love it. and my blogging is not so different, right?

this introversion would also explain how comes i’m ok to travel alone. and why i prefer a comfortable sort of uniform as my everyday outfits. and why my apartment is a minimalist space. i believe it even explains my affinity with everything japanese (apparently, the western society values extroverts while the japanese have a better acceptance of introverts).

people generally tend to accept and praise extroversion. and i can do the extrovert thing with the best of them. it’s just that i don’t prefer that. i often find it draining, even if it is satisfying.

not sure if you are an introvert, an extrovert or an ambivert? take this quiz to find out.

read this, this and this if you would like to find out more about the introverts in your life (apparently, we make approximately 30% of all people).

my post is not supposed to be comprehensive. it’s only supposed to bring some light and attention to this  underrated topic.

and perhaps some closet introverts see how it’s ok to be a recluse. not weird at all, just introverted.

photo credits: google search