my new round oval brooch was delivered to my doorstep just 3 short days after the launch of the brand.

my new round oval brooch 2

totally out of character, i ordered the brooch the exact same day as the brand was launched. i rarely shop on impulse, especially for jewelry. but this brooch is perfectly simple. a clean 14 karat gold wire circle i plan to wear with all my outfits. also, i loved the beautiful glass box it arrived in. i’m generally a sucker for interesting packaging and this is especially cute.

my new round oval brooch 1my new round oval brooch 3

the brand new oval website features a series of simple pieces. 12 are photographed but only 8 are on sale, if i’m not mistaken.

here you have the new brooch with some of my other brooches. i got the green one in a kid’s shop in roppongi midtown, in tokyo. and the one with the stag beetle comes from a little crafts shop in kamakura.

my new round oval brooch 4

keep your eyes on their website. i know i will!

ps: do you remember albert? well, he took a sabbatical from art school and started his own bike courier business. so, it was  no-brainer that, when in need, i was going to call him to the rescue. so, he rode his bike to bring me my brooch. if you need a fast delivery in bucharest, i’m sure you know who you need to call!

photo credits: little aesthete