fuck marketing figures and radio and mainstream! these five hardcore bitches are all about the non-compromising trip to freedom-ville. unfortunately, the unafraid high priestesses are opening the way for thousands of sad, politically correct money-loving  gwen stefanis…still, any of these five forces of nature are undoubtedly a much better idea for kids, especially girls, to listen to than any of the pop whores who invaded all media.

courtney love – probably the most hurricane-like of them, going through the lolita image with the cutie pie outfits and smeared lipstick all the way to the givenchy-heavy wardrobe of today. see her rocking out two weeks ago (!!) in moscow, after telling the crowd that billy corgan wrote disarm about her and that she wrote violet about him. listen all the way through to see her talking to the fans… she’s human, pr-free, difficult at times, feminine and head on.  i have a love/hate thing with her, but she will be for ever on my list!

pj harvey. the raging shy weirdo. nick cave’s ex. the one on all of our playlists. the quiet we float is my personal favourite, but see below a sample of who she is onstage:

nina hagen – the berliner in possession of eternal youth secret, punk goddess, opera prodigy, tireless activist and playful clown with a rubber face in full drag queen make up. always brings a smile to my face!

shirley manson is the scottish redhead who stole our hearts. she stole mine after i watched her kick justin’s ass in the video for these things by she wants revenge. enough said!

kim gordon is the ageless rock star. the cool new york mother. the wife of her co-band member. clothes designer. etc. watch miss sonic youth putting make up on a drunk nirvana here and channeling iggy in the ancient video below:

courtney love: rock is all about writing your own script; it’s all about pioneering. real women ftw!