my upcoming trip to valencia starts tomorrow. as usual, my research unearths stuff that ends up on my social media channels. check out my pinterest and facebook to see my new finds!

now: do you guys happen to have any tips for me?

my upcoming trip to valencia

i am super interested in secret places, street art spots and restaurants ear-marked by valencians. but, you know, any places that the tourists never find and that the locals love will do.

probably the biggest surprise i can’t wait to get in touch with is the valencian. it is actually catalan language as spoken by the inhabitants of valencia. i speak castellano, the official language of spain so i hope i will be able to understand part of the words. there are four recognised regional languages: catalan, basque, galician and occitan. also, there are three partially recognised languages. and valencian is not even one of those: aragonese, asturian and leonese. my linguistic background is part of why i’m interested in this dialect. i can’t wait to find out more about this language i had no idea even existed!

i am also looking forward to my first taste of horchata, the local drink made of tigernut milk, and fartons, valencian pastries.

my upcoming trip to valencia 1

i will be taking a day trip to alicante and murcia.

please let me know all the places i shouldn’t miss in any of these 3 locations!

my upcoming trip to valencia 2

thank you very much! i promise i’ll be back with lots of valencian news!

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