my weekend was one of those times when i went out a lot and hung out with lots of my friends.

my weekend 1

and since a little wave of work changed my plans for today, here you have the abridged story. on friday, great art show called nepasteurizat at galeria posibila and the 2nd part of lars von trier’s nymphomaniac.

IMG_8488 IMG_8499 IMG_8502 IMG_8503

on saturday, a cool karpov not kasparov gig and bar crawling.


and on sunday, chilling out with cocktails in origo.

the first drink you see above is a mai tai. it’s a rum-based drink with lime and orange juice, served with a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry. it was delicious!

the drink below is a old fashioned. it’s bourbon, bitter and orange peel.

my weekend 2

the third was called medicine. unfortunately, i didn’t write down the ingredients. but i am sure that it contained green chartreuse, lime juice and peel. the 2 pills were supposed to be added in order to completely change the taste and feel.

my weekend 3

sorry i’m in such a hurry. if you wanna see more pictures from my weekend out, check out my facebook!

photo credits: little aesthete