island day. i took an endless series of trains and ferries and managed to pull off two islands in one day. the first one is naoshima and the second is miyajima, the one with the very famous floating tori – which was not floating while i was there as the tide was low but i was very happy to see the deer, the red pagoda and the eerily empty streets. before reaching naoshima, i had no idea it was just one of the dozens of island scattered around. the scenery was amazing. a beautiful day, sea smell and wind. i visited the chichu art museum where they have a special room with amazing marble cubic mosaic without any binding especially for monet’s waterlilies.

the azaleas were in full bloom, as it was april. i didn’t want to miss any of the spectacular views so i went back to the harbor on foot and old ladies on bicycles were saying hi to me. it was just like in a romanian mountain village: everybody greets everybody. i arrived exhausted (once again) in hiroshima.

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credits: lilaesthete