new products on the bathroom shelf? well, i wrote this post because one too many people mistook me for a man. i’m not joking. it was not me as a person, but me as a blogger. i know i’m quite invisible on the blog and it’s a conscious decision. but come on!

new products new products new products

they must have thought i was a man because of the content, right? i’m the first to admit i’m not that kind of girl: you won’t find posts with my outfits here. and my fascination with fashion is more about my interest about its mechanisms rather than about me buying stuff. this being said, here you have my girly newest additions to the bathroom shelf. ha!

sometime last year, i decided i needed to up my skincare game. i’m trying to be proactive, i believe it’s the best way to go.

so i got this caudalie serum and a roche posay cream. i was happy with how my skin felt using them in tandem. at the beginning of the winter, i also bought some bio oils. i ended up using the avocado oil for the body and the almond oil for the face. when my skin felt especially sad, i’d layer nivea soft with the oil.

new products 1

due to some samples, i discovered the newly launched vichy serum. i’m in love with it! its texture fits me perfectly so i purchased the full sized product. vichy sure know what they’re doing!

i bought a cream deodarant a while ago but didn’t really use it at first. but now it’s my go to product in case i need a worry free day! it’s called spiral and you apply it like a cream. as it’s an antiperspirant i only wear it sparingly.

i also like my new sephora blush. it’s a cream formula so i think it sits better on the skin. and the stick format is perfect for touch ups on the go.

if you are spending your days behind a computer screen like i do, you may need some eye drops. i never knew i did until my eye doctor recommended some. they do not contain any medicine, their only goal is to help the drying eye. a simple drop makes such a big difference!

i also use several eye products but my favourite is still vichy’s eye stick. i got a similar product in seoul last year. it’s just as good and 4 times cheaper. but i’d guess it’s difficult to get if you don’t live in south korea.

another new favourite is my nivea foam cleanser. i use it with water every couple of days and every once in a while with a scrub sponge.

last but not least, i changed my mascara. i got the new l’oreal mascara. it’s pretty good: i like the formula and the brush. but i am disappointed with the volume, especially since this is supposed to be a volumizing product.

new products 2

i’m using a lot of products for a guy, huh? i hope you find my recommendations useful. please tell me all about your favourite products in the comments: i’m always on the lookout for more new products! thank you!

photo credits: little aesthete