news on my bathroom shelves is just a quick selection of my most recent purchases.

news on my bathroom shelves

they cost less that 20 euros, all of them put together. but i’ll admit it: most of the items were discounted and then a store discount applied. that’s most probably why i bought so much stuff at the same time. but it was a great deal so i stand by my choices!

i got a rich day cream and a micellaire solution from l’oreal. i haven’t used any before but the brand generally offers good quality.

and i got 5 products from nivea. a nourishing body milk, a cream care shower, a frangipani and oil shower gel, a soft oil and an energy serum. i have also got a sample for their new nourishing body milk under the shower.

i tried the body milk and it has a very nice texture that melts right in. i usually use the soft oil but sometime a milk just sounds right.

as i was dying to try out the serum (i am a bit of a serum freak!), i tried it last night. it’s not very heavy, so i’m looking forward to using it in mornings.

i just love nivea! i have been using their good and reliable stuff for a long time. i’m pretty sure i have at least 10 more of their products in the house.

do you have any new purchases you want to brag about?

photo credits: little aesthete