nick wooster‘s intriguing take on preppy has me hypnotized!

with his trademark moustache and modern combo of traditional wear with tats and colour, he makes way for 50-year old men to shine.

a big name in retail, mr. nick wooster was formerly involved with john bartlett, ralph lauren, calvin klein, barneys, neiman marcus, bergdorf goodman, etc and he was recently appointed creative director for jc penney’s men clothing business.

he thinks that: what a 50-year-old guy looks like today is different than what a 50-year-old looked like 20 years ago, so guys have learned to take better care of themselves. they’ve got to go to the gym. they’ve got to use skincare products. and consequently, they are interested in how they present themselves and how they dress. i think it’s all the events, economical and societal, that have given them the okay. and I think it’s their own desire. everybody wants to be told they look great. when men realize with a little effort and care they can transform how they look, they’re interested in doing it.

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