i discovered noma bar by chance only to come over his colour blocking ways every once in a while on many of the design websites i subscribe to.

he seems to be constantly developing a universal language of shapes and colours and there’s always a visual pun in his works. he expects his audience to need to take a double take, but rest assured! the optic punch line is there in each and every vector art pieces.

i am after the maximum communication with minimum elements

born in 1973, graduated in 2000 from the bezalel academy of art & design with a b.des bachelor of graphic & type design. currently based in london, he describes his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer.

recently, wallpaper commissioned him to do this amazing project: to illustrate a handful of countries using not mere drawings but trompe l’oeil room set ups that look like illustrations.

for two interviews, click here and here.

if you happen to want more, find his instant classics negative space and guess who? the many faces of noma bar on amazon. enjoy!

photo credits: google search, wallpaper