november 2016 finds comes late but it was a decision this time. the 1st of december is the romanian national so most of the country took a long weekend. so it made more sense to post later, right?

november 2016 finds 1

1. i was in iasi for what proved to be a working weekend. but it turned out well: i spent the sunny day exploring and the 2 rainy days working. it was a good city break!

there will be no separate post because i managed to forget my camera at home. here’s a few instagram posts though.

2. i fell back into another little portuguese music phase. here’s a few of the highlights. if i’m missing out great artists and songs, please let me know. i’m interested in brazilian-protuguese music, too!

3. how good is the new bbc planet earth 2? if you haven’t seen it, you must. it’s unbelievable!

4. i must’ve listened to in this shirt by the irrepressibles a thousand times this month. i checked the live versions, the album versions, etc. my final favourite is the longer royksopp version. check it!

5. i was in constanta for a couple of days. this time, i intentionally didn’t take my camera along since it was a work trip. and there’s confidentiality involved when you’re working on the second season of a successful local tv series, if you know what i mean. here’s a few instagram pics i took when i was off the clock.

6. and then i went to ghent for 4 days. it was perfect!

there will be a few separate posts about this trip.

november 2016 finds 2

7. i bought the girls by emily cline in a fnac in ghent. i had read about the whole buzz created around the book, about the infamous 2 million advance the first-time writer received for her work, etc. i must’ve read the book in 2 days. minuses: she’s often pretentious and trying too hard to make things sound special which distracts the reader from the actual story. pluses: once the story manages to pick up speed, it feels better. and it goes out with a bang, which was great.

it’s decent overall, especially since it’s based on the charles manson story and it’s difficult to keep the interest of people when everybody knows what’s what.

november 2016 finds

8. a video i came across on a favourite artist’s page. a taiwanese girl discovers rural japan. very cute.

9. a few months ago i was in italy. and, since i often travel to see cool architecture, i came across this article listing all the cool new buildings worth visiting in rome. very helpful if you are into this kind of thing.

10. i wrote about vincent urban and his work a few months ago, when i discovered him. here’s his most recent video, a commission by visit japan. wonderful!

i have no idea how i managed to have a list of 10 this month. just like i have no idea where november went lol. but i had a great month in spite of the loads of work and my changing situation. i hope you did too!

photo and video credits: copyright owners