november 2018 finds is late because work and travel. yeah. also, because wordpress decided to get an update and i’m lost trying to decipher its new ways. fml…

1.i came across an interesting juergen teller interview. click here to read it. and then i found out about his prize-winning studio above. 

2. i saw chef’s table 5. you’ll definitely like it if you’re a foodie.

3. this is madonna speaking out about how it felt like for a girl, in this world.

4. balthazar is back with a new album. they’re starting their european tour soon, too.

5. rezidentele is a teleleu production. a medium-length film depicting the life of women in a romanian prison. it’s subtitled in english.

6. corvin cristian is decidedly the best interior designer in bucharest. his portofolio is a best-of modern spaces in town. romanian only.

7. i saw bohemian rhapsody twice. it was interesting to see a film that brings nearly nothing new to the narrative. it actually simplifies it. a film that relies on our pre-existing love for the inspiration behind the main character. on the fact that we are still grieving his loss.
the second time, i took my mom to see it. she has always been a big freddie fan. i was pleasantly surprised to see many older people in the cinema.
below are the best videos i watched with or about freddie online.

8. i liked this anime transformation. it shows the realm of possibilities for even an amateur.

9. idles are an english band i found. they’re touring australia, europe and the us in 2019.

10. porter is the magazine produced by net-a-porter. watch these 4 tv stars talk about gender inequality, money and race. i liked it.

11. i like rosalia. watch this video about what’s going on behind the scenes in her career.

12. bucharest

i spent 11 days in my rainy, cold and miserable hometown trying to get things done. it was not all bad, ofc.

as always, the best thing about going back home is seeing my friends.

13. i bought and read another lavinia braniste book. escapada is a short story collection depicting the same universe as interior zero. i liked it.

14. i wasted 3 hours of my life on the wolf of wall street. a shitload of toxic masculinity. don’t bother.

15. i went through a couple of 2018 new yorker issues. i liked 2 articles, weirdly enough from the same issue. the first is about koks, a michelin starred restaurant located in the faroe islands. the second is omakase by weike wang, a very subtle short story about race and angles.

16. while in bucharest, i went to the fierbinteanu new album launch. i have no footage though.

17. korean indie scene

i’ve been interested in the korean alternative to k-pop. i found some sources and i was not disappoited. here’s some of my favourites: one by divin’ and teo by hlin.

i like this chill mixtape, too.

i wish you a chilled winter holiday season!

photo credits: little aesthete and copyright owners

video credits: copyright owners