november 2021 finds is here.


1. grayson perry the portrait of the artist as a young girl endearing straighforward not manipulative in that way so much of art is i feel like i’d give him a hug if we met.


2. i was not interested in the cover story of british vogue. but the rest of it was as good as ever. i’m renewing my subscription for another year.

3. i especially liked the october issue of monocle. i’m looking forward to buying the new one. i loved the flanders file and the article of firenze gentleman style. it made me dream of traveling.

4. i read the magazine of the lalique museum. everything you need to know about the lalique universe. the back issues are available to read online, for free, here.


5. sylvie kreusch opened for balthazar last month. live, it sounded meh. but i listened her new album afterwards. and i really like it. a few songs are impossible to tell from lana del rey. but my fav track is walk walk and it’s been looping in my head all month.


6. i’ve watched gossip girl 2021. pfff. gossip girl is now a bunch of toxic teachers lead by an insufferable tavi. the series is as bearable and brain washing as the original. imagine a team trying to give the entire story of privilege a sprinkling of woke, lgbtqia+ threesomes, a more diverse cast, protests, planet saving, blah blah blah. the second season coming up very soon.

7. hometown cha cha cha is exactly the kind of wholesome stuff i need sometimes to wash my brain. the second season was approved since this k-drama was a huge hit.


8. what drives art collecting? is it money, the love of art or both? a collector explains.

9. courtney love talked to marianne faithful. they both live in london now. and they have many things in common.

10. click to see inside the mind of pedro almodovar.

11. virginie despentes is one of the best writers i read in recent years.

12. ai wei wei on the talks.


13. i am always interested in rick rubin.

14. i liked how eloquent raya martigny was.

15. this is a very interesting concept. a former burglar works with an art detective to retrieve stolen art.

16. an art forger gives lessons.

17. paulina porizkova speaks freely.

18. this is about a 69yo who’s a success on onlyfans, but you’re going to cry. i did.

how was your november?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders