november 2022 finds is here!


1. i bought cher connard by virginie despentes in august. but i’ve just finished it. the book is made of 3 separate first person povs. that was a little confusing. expect a storyline of messy grown up stuff on a feminist background. i liked it.

2. nos by russian ievguêni zamiátin inspired orwell’s 1984. i’ve read it in portuguese. i didn’t particularly like it, but it was a great study aid.

3. i loved earthlings by sayaka murata. it’s an easy read, but a difficult story. i recommend it.


4. as always, i read the current vogue uk issue. i liked the cover story with sienna miller.

5. i read the autumn-winter issue of another magazine. the cover story is bjork interviewed by ocean vuong.

6. i read the gentlewoman no. 26, too. the cover girl is bjork’s daughter, isadora bjarkardottir barney.

7. i managed to catch up on konfekt, with no. 8 and 9. i like the magazine. i keep on buying it.


8. warhaus is one of my favourites. the new album is called ha ha heartbreak. he’s currently touring europe. read an interview with maarten here.

9. the bones and all soundtrack was written by trent reznor and atticus ross. the music added a separate layer of creepiness and uneasiness. good job.

10. i liked titanic by jackson wang ft. rich brian. it’s the whisper part for me.

11. i like beautiful thing by lily.

12. and i really like samba de uma noite by charlie byrd and stan getz.


i went to see 2 long films one day. it was like a end of the year exam. they were both subtitled in portuguese. i think i passed.

13. the first one was decision to leave by south korean director park chan-wook. i liked it.

14. the second was bones and all by luca guadagnino, starring timothee chalamet and taylor russell. although it’s a cannibal story, the world created was believable. i liked this one, too.

15. i watched the the swimmers, a netflix film about yusra and sara maradini. the two sisters made their way from war-ravaged syria to germany. and yusra was able to participate in the swimming refugee team at the rio olympics.


16. i binge watched wednesday by tim burton. it’s a big production with zero of that sick humour i expected. it was filmed in romania, on location or on created sets. so, for us romanians, it was fun to recognize familiar sights. try to find the sinaia train station or the bucharest botanical garden greenhouse.


there is a wave of south korean housekeeping fairies. the most famous have millions of subscribers. they make their complex domestic labour visible. and they’re getting paid!

17. my favourite is honeyjubu. her sidekick is lucy and i love lucy. the videos are calming and inspire me to do better.

18. sueddu is younger. she is trying hard to be cool and modern. her sidekick is bebe and i love bebe.

how was your november? i am off to galicia today and you know where to find me!

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete