november 2023 finds is here. for once, i’m early because… read until the end!


1. if you like the writer phillip roth, click here to read about the man. you’ll like the latter much less.

2. i guess this article fits here. it’s about a book publishing town in south korea.


3. les annees douces by jiro taniguchi is the manga version of the homonym novel by hiromi kawakami. there is a discussion between the two authors at the end of my book (the french version by casterman ecritures).

4. i finished anarcoma by nazario luque. i liked the fabulously nsfw drawings, but i had a hard time following the storyline.


5. the highlight of the december issue of british vogue for me was probably iris law’s page. i’ve been following her on insta and i like her, even if she’s a nepo baby.

6. my favourite thing in the 13th issue of konfekt was the pages with recommendations for osaka .


7. before the bts army, there was the very dedicated tool army.

8. educate yourselves about the mysterious mr. bungle.


9. hayao miyazaki’s new film, the boy and the heron, was as wonderful as expected. you must see it. watch it in japanese for the exact kind of magic you need this holiday season.

10. this is an analysis of the piano teacher, the film.

11. this video about the career of alain delon was interesting.


12. azabudai hills is tokyo’s newest landmark.

13. i really liked this smart solution for a long garden.


14. iris van harpen has a new exhibition in paris. it runs until the 28th of april 2024.


15. haenyo is the name of the the south korean ocean women.


16. read about the men in the cities by robert longo.

17. read here about paula rego.

18. read a wallpaper interview with xavier veilhan.

19. this is an interesting selection of black artists.

20. watch this interesting video about the mechanics of the art market.


21. how taiwanese music deals with the complicated relationship of taiwan with china.

22. this is a source of animated knots.

23. you gotta love cats!

24. i loved the stories behind this big sneaker collection.

25. by chance, i was in the hayabusa maiden voyage, back in spring 2011.

26. states of undress is a series produced by vice. i post two of the episodes recently reposted on refinery 29: bolivia and romania.

27. this is my selection of videos from the school of life.

28. moss men and women from bejar in salamanca. a behind the scenes of the moss people procession. i love it!

29. anyone who’s ever been to a music festival knows first hand how out of control crowd dynamics can get.

30. as a live music fan, i found this video very insightful.

31. have you ever wondered how the very wealthy travel?

32. what is a south korean chaebol?

33. click to see a vulnerable steve-o.

34. here are a few of the videos you’ll find on great art explained.

how was your november? as probably hinted at by the massive amounts of japan and south korea content this month, i’m off to asia for the winter holidays. you can follow my trip on insta. 😉

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete