october 2016 finds is mostly video since i’m back spending day after day in front of the computer.marchi

1.this is eaeon. he’s a korean indie act and that made me listen to his stuff with more attention. i have no idea how old this guy is but apparently he started out at the end of the 90s as a one-man band. he has another project called mot. if you’d like to find out more, click here.

2. grace neutral and i-d are investigating feminine alt beauty and its dangers in brasil. very interesting!

3. my boyfriend has a serious mancrush on matty matheson. he watched and loved everything he could find online about this zany canadian so i took notice: he’s loud, confessional and so funny. oh, he’s a cook too! find out his (pretty crazy) story here.

4. you must see julieta! i admit i must be biased since i’ve probably seen and liked all of almodovar’s films but still: go see it. it’s classic almodovar: over-styled, over-saturated heartbreak. wonderful!

5. if it wasn’t for gary oldman i wouldn’t have been able to watch sid and nancy through, i admit it. actually, i wouldn’t have chosen the film in the first place. anyhow, watch this at your own peril: it’s a caricature.

6. 2-day city break in timisoara. the city was recently selected to be a european cultural capital in 2021. i posted on it separately here and here.


7. i watched this documentary about the making of the album ultra by depeche mode. the whole process, slowed down by various factors, took 15 months. it was very interesting to watch!

8. i hesitated forever about going to paris to see marching church on november the 16th. finally, i’m going to see them anyway but some place else. read some of elias’ most recent interviews here and here. and listen to their album telling it like it is here.

9. i’ve recently subscribed to competitional eater yuka kinoshita‘s channel. i never thought i would ever watch mukbang but i ocassionally find myself pretty mesmerized by just how much food she can put away. i guess she weighs below 100 pounds so this is an enigma.


what cool things have you recently come across?

photo and video credits: copyright holders