october 2018 finds comes late because i was away until the last day of last month.

1.i’ll start randomly with the 3 vichy¬†masks i’m currently using. i like the peeling one the best, but i use all three alternatively. beside the ones below, i also have the green, soothing one.

2. i took a catamaran ride in valencia. going out at sea is always relaxing.

3. i went to the botanical garden to hang with the cats. it was a success!

4. by mistake, i came across the wikipedia page dedicated to scorched rice. in valencia, the delicious crunchy bit on the bottom of a good paella is called socarrat. read here about how different cultures call the same thing.

5. i binged on chicas del cable 3. i liked it.

6. i discovered a young artist from bruxelles, romeo elvis. i love the pogo video below. afterwards, he sings along in his sister’s video.

7. i went to fnac and read two comics while i was there. the first one was no se quien eres by cristina portolando. it’s about tinder. also, i read the black holes, a fantastic tale of a punk band made of girls. it is a big success here in spain. it was even called the spanish comic of the year and it was re-edited a few times. i loved the drawing style.

8. i like this track. the lyrics are lame but the beat is good.

9. how can you not like this british airways ad?

10. i came across 3 footwear-centric romanian tracks. if you’re romanian, enjoy the lyrics lol.

11. in spring 2017, i went to see the torres blancas complex in madrid. this month, i came across this article in architectural digest spain about actress marisa paredes and her residence in the complex ever since its inauguration. i loved it!

12. we toured bocairent, elche, murcia and alicante during a warm october weekend. we were lucky to see plenty of flamingos and a pink salt lake!

13. before my institut francais card expired, i went through my last comic: carnation by xavier mussat.

14. check the new¬†keith ape track. i’m looping the new album born again on spotify!

15. i bought a couple of cork base bowls in porto.

16. made to measure made 2 short videos introducing skate culture in fashion and the phenomenon of k-pop.

17. i liked this beautiful video about kyoto.

18. if you are into make-up, you could start following mua lisa eldridge.

19. life where i’m from is a wonderful youtube channel if you want to find out more about japan.

20. i was in high school and music was everything. the whole grunge thing was happening. we were penniless and happy.

i loved watching these two full-length pearl jam concerts from back in the day.

21. a fb friend post this russian gem. i love it.

22. last but not least i went to the three dates of iceage’s spanish tour. it was tiresome, but great. absolutely no regrets!

23. so i was in 3 cities in 3 consecutive days. i recommend stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

i was lucky to have 3 1/2 sunny days out of 4. first, i went to sevilla.

then. i went to madrid.

last, i spent 2 days in barcelona. when i got back home, it felt like i had been away for weeks.

i went to a couple of exhibitions and wandered around to pass the time. it was good.

how is autumn treating you?

photo credits: little aesthete & copyright holders

video credits: copyright holders