october 2019 finds is probably the longest list ever.

1.the tiger lillies came to portugal during their 30 year anniversary tour. we couldn’t miss the date. so we drove to agueda to get our fix.

2. the venue of the concert was caa. we came early, to see their exhibitions. very nice, modern space.

3. agueda was a nice surprise.

4. i found 5 videos made in romania by a couple of travel vloggers. great content! they made me wanna visit my own country and that’s something, right?

5. you gotta love courtney. she’s currently outing the sackelrs’
(the family selling oxycontin) wrong doings on the internet. the drug was and still is marketed worldwide in misleading ways. thousands of families are currently suing the pharma company because the drug’s high addictiveness. courtney joined nan golding and they’re exposing the lies.

here you have an unrelated interview by kate moss.

6. kim gordon has recently launched her solo debut album at 66. i’m not so much into her music as i am into her life. she’s the role model we girls and women are missing. read here and here about her recent efforts.

7. doutzen kroes is a dutch supermodel. she has recently started her youtube channel and i love it!

8. i failed to enter the parque de nova sintra the first time i tried. i managed the second time and i loved it.

9. i don’t remember if i posted this before. i still like it, anyway.

10. how comes a chanel with so few subscribers was able to attract such big names?

11. i really like christeene. click here to read an interview by peaches. pictures by juergen teller.

12. weirdly unrelated, i borrowed and read a taschen book of juergen teller‘s work. i liked it.

13. i read 2 booklets of the akira series and a book that abridged about a hundred classic into 4 panels comics. all of them were in portuguese, a tiny achievement.

14. we discovered the museu do carro electrico. you can see about 20 old trams and buses. you can even get onboard. yes, we took pictures of ourselves as bus drivers.

15. and the centro portugues de fotografia, located in a central former jail. they have an interesting collection of photo cameras.

16. i made an order at tony moly spain. they had a 70% off sale and i picked up some snail stuff as well as a massage roller i wanted. they were very nice and added a bunch of samples, 2 full sized sheet masks and 2 full sized lip balms. very good deal.

17. i discovered a really good romanian street artist in porto. his moniker is padure.

18. chris broad goes to fukushima 6 years after the catastrophe.

19. i liked this video interview of cardi b. she’s a great communicator!

20. a very nice guide to the world of shinto.

21. click here to watch a recent concert: iggy pop live in paris.

22. a must watch! the topic of this series is bomb – a youtubber with 23 million subscribers is joining another youtubber with 16+ million subs to create a make up and accessories collection.

they first collaborated a year ago with a 5-part series about jeffree’s life. the combined views exceed 150 million!

so they are currently creating another series of videos that are showing the evolution of their business collaboration. you’ll see business calls, strategy, the creation and manufacture of the collection, shane’s reactions to selling his house and to how much money there is to be made. amazing content! it’s what youtube was made for. and it’s why i stopped watching television so many years ago.

watch them gamble and win! the collab was launched on november the 1st and 1 million palettes sold out in 30 minutes. that would be 58 mil in half and hour! but every single item in the collection is currently sold out.
a restock is planned asap.

23. a sad documentary about people who survive in tiny rooms in japan.

24. i’ve kept this link saved for years. i’ve finally watched it and it was every bit as good as i’d hoped. leigh bowery was an underrated artist. he inspired so many great moments in fashion and art. for instance, rick owens’ human rucksacks a few years ago were inspired by a backstage picture of a “birth” leigh performed onstage. leigh’s art show, where he laid days behind a two way mirror inspired martina abramovic’s the house with an ocean view. a show where she spent days and days in the view of the public. boy george borrowed some of the looks in a very literal way. cardi b’ recent faceless gucci ensemble. leigh did it first, decades ago. there are hundreds if not thousands of references to be found. watch this.

25. i read convenience store woman by sayaka murata. i liked it a lot, the subtext is artfully conveyed. read it if you can. it’s about how the japanese love uniformity. they even have a saying: the nail that stands out will be hammered down.

26. i believe love has many ways of manifesting. and the one below is one of them. i like to think i would be this guy.

27. plan coeur 2 was barely ok, but i watched it all the way through.

28. i came across an old favourite. got to get you out of my mind by duran duran. it was released in 1997 as part of the saint soundtrack. i still love it!

29. i saw an unmissable cnn series: sex and love around the world. a wonderful and very interesting documentary by journalist christiane amanpour. click here for a trailer and head to netflix for the whole thing.

30. i needed joe talbot screaming “i am a feminist!”. who doesn’t love idles?

31. romanian band coma was part of my youth. here they are with a new(ish) track.

32. we went back to lisbon. last month, we took my mom there so we showed her all the highlights. this time around, we went for the less obvious places where there are no tourists.

34. we did go back to the museum calouste gulbenkian. we saw both collections. i was amazed by the rene lalique room. unfortunately, my phone couldn’t take good enough pictures. but i can assure you that all the pieces were unbelievably beautiful and interesting!

35. we went to museum de oriente,.in alcantara we were lucky to see a show about chinese opera.

36. we walked in the neighbourhood of marvila. my favourite was galeria francisco fino.

37. we took advantage of jardins abertos. we went to estufas frias, the jardim botanico da universidade de lisboa and the garden of the centre ismaili.

38. we saw the mae d’agua, a reservoir with great views.

39. we took the ascensor do lavra and went to the jardim do torrel. go for wonderful views in a quiet little park.

40. last but not least, we walked through the neighbourhood of alvalade. i liked the pavilhao branco next door from the jardim brodallo pinhero. really cool places next to the campus.

how’s your autumn going?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders