october 2020 finds is coming right after the second, softer lockdown started.


1. i read a book of poems called atico by arsenio iglesias pazos. it was a gift from the author. it’s in galician! i postponed reading it because i was afraid of how unable i was to understand anything. galicia is situated in the north of spain, just above portugal. and the language reflects its geography. it was interesting to read in an semi-unknown language.

2. i also read one of the books i got at the lisbon feira de livros. desvio by ana pessoa (text) and barnanrdo p. carvalho (drawings) was published in june 2020. it’s a comics in portuguese about miguel, a kid who spends 2 weeks by himself after graduating high-school. i liked it.


2. as always, british vogue. i liked the cover story about serena williams. and i like the general direction the magazine took what with the pandemic and blm movement and all.


3. although i didn’t start off with this intention, this month music section looks a lot like a best of my korean indie.

4. i might’ve posted this before, but it’s worth it. i’ve even went on spotify to listen to the whole mini-album, the puzzle of time by divin’.

5. i did the same with my old favourite eaeon and his first solo album, realize.

6. another very good one: alcoholic by yunb.

7. balthazar is back with losers. it’s perfect for the second lockdown! and their new album is dropping soon.

8. i should watch the launches of posh isolation more carefully. in 2016, they released an ep by iceage’s johan called health & safety. 3 tracks, each named after a anti-depressant.

9. reznor smiling throughout, happy to do this with bowie. wonderful.

in november, nine inch nails are inducted in the rock hall of fame. well-deserved!

10. an old favourite. les chevaliers du ciel, a french top gun, has a few cool tracks by chris corner on its soundtrack.


11. tokyo girl‘s 11 episodes track the life of a woman from graduation and move to tokyo to her early 40s. i liked how her evolution is also reflected in her choice of neighbourhood. a series about the emancipation of women in japan. i liked it. it’s like sex and the city, with more city and less sex.

since i cannot find a trailer, i’m posting the first episode.

12. and then, a similar series, only it’s an american girl who moves to paris. emily is paris is written and produced by darren star, which produced sex and the city, among others. the main actress is lily collins, daughter of phil collins.

does it feature all the stereotypes regarding paris (beret, baguette, cigarettes, etc.)? is the wardrobe costumey and completely outside the budget of our character (chanel, fendi, margiela, etc) – if it reminds you of carrie is because the same patricia field was in charge of the costumes? does the social media sub-plot miss the mark? aha. this is a schematic paris inhabited by stick figures. and yes, it reeks of sex and the city.

these being said, binge watch it so that you can bitch about it later lol.

13. james may: our man in japan was good. he’s not as funny as he thinks he is, but the series follows less covered parts of japan and offers some refreshing behind the scene action. what i’m saying is that maybe it’s not for beginners.

14. season 3 of my next guest is so and so. kim – as media trained as expected. robert downey jr. – a lot much artificial than expected. dave chapelle – interesting. lizzo – i would have liked less big fake laughs.


15. chiara ferragni unposted is a documentary about the italian influencer. it is exactly what you’d expect it to be.

16. generation wealth by lauren greenfield is about money, power and raging capitalism. interesting.


17. i liked this chinese artist.

18. and this chinese couple of artists.

19. this video about the highs and the lows of being a girl in gaming was eye-opening. wow!

20. if you haven’t watched fleabag yet, here’s why you should.

21. stoffel the badger made me cry. he’s smart enough to escape almost any situation, but somehow his freedom is forever elusive. 🙁

22. dapper dan started off my associating himself with high end brand pieces and by transforming them into new pieces for the new york underworld. this is his career from cease and desist to gucci designer.

23. it seems i’m hypnotized by cake making.

24. this is a david lynch master class.

25. hussein chalayan‘s legendary autumn-winter 2000 show explained.

26. olympic skateboarder christiana means is so cool. i always liked girls who prove that not only boys are able bodied. she’s a great model for all the little girls out there. go, christiana!

27. it’s been an year and i’ve only seen this now. wish i was there!

28. interesting architecture.

29. i love this spooky kid guy.

30. interesting and educated opinion on samurai films.

31. behind the scenes with a couple of glassblowers.

32. i don’t like many luxury houses. but i like this 70 million usd mansion.

33. learn something about the ainu culture in northern japan.


34. i like david lynch‘s work. my favourite lynch film is eraserhead. for some reason, i stayed attached to this film. click here to read some details that may help when you’re trying to understand the film.

35. i am fascinated by architecture. but i know next to nothing about its technicalities. that’s why i enjoyed reading this kengo kuma interview about his reasoning.

36. teshima art museum is one of the most interesting places i’ve ever visited. it turned 10 this year. click here to read about it.


37. we went out to the serralves park.

38. and then to the botanical garden.

39. to my favourite open air market. twice. i bought some orchids. one of them lasted 4 weeks!

40. to a nearby passadico in parque das ribeiras do rio uima.

41. we went to two korean restaurants. i like the one in bomfim better, it’s called ondo.

42. the second one was siktak. it has better location, but the food is not as nice.

43. we really enjoyed the evening spent at restaurante atrevo. it was really special, we’re looking forward to going back soon!

44. this is a pic from one of the walks we took.

45. we like coming all the way down to the river from levada on a catwalk. it’s a very nice walk.

46. we went to a local protest supporting the effort of polish women fighting for their reproductive rights.

47. by mistake, we found the cool sweets a local padaria made for halloween.

48. we had lunch on the terrace at restaurante miramar, overlooking the ocean. the food was good. and the pics were good due to the great light.

49. we took a walk in an area we haven’t checked so far.

50. since we saw many camellia bushes in bloom, we decided to go visit our camellia garden. not many bushes were in bloom there so we need to go back soon.

may your lockdown be as productive and relaxing as possible!

photo and video credits: copyright holders, little aesthete