october 2022 finds is here! the month sort of got away from me. between lisbon and valencia, work and covid, the list is late. sorry about that!


1. i have only finished one book this month, the 5th book from the cantina de medianoche series. i bought it in valencia, in spanish. i went through it fast and loved it just like the first 4.

2. this is an article (in english) about italian fumetti sensation zerocalcare.


3. the only magazine i read this month was vogue uk. it was the issue dedicated to the life and death of the queen.


4. i went to the jaime hayon retrospective in valencia. great show! i have just heard that he designed the new standard hotel in bangkok.

5. i had to go see the newly opened caixa forum in valencia in one of the calatrava buildings. the space couldn’t be used in at least one decade, due to construction issues. not unusual for the valencian starchitect.

6. also, i went to see the steve mccurry retrospective in lisbon. i recommend it.


7. i looped blue by jackson wang for ever.


8. buying beverly hills is a new series featuring mauricio umansky, his two daughters and his agency making high-end real estate moves.

9. bling empire 3 is good only if you liked the first 2 seasons. a bunch of rich asians living their best life.

10. i kinda hated crashing at the beginning, but i was definitely sorry when it ended. phoebe waller-bridge’s chaotic energy is a love or hate thing, i know.


11. i did not like the boy from medellin much. i don’t like j balvin’s music. but i love his house by 5 solidos and thought i’d see more of that type of thing. i didn’t.


12. i’m 7 episodes deep in this 10-part podcast called sonic symbolism. bjork is talking about her 10 albums. i enjoyed hearing about her process.


13. i haven’t read bobby gillespie‘s book yet, but i will.

14. swimming in piscina das mares has been on my bucket list for a long time!

15. i liked the cardboard sculpting of eva jospin.

16. they are such a cute couple. if you like this, check out the channel.

17. this is a 6-episode series about the history of black and poc models. it’s very educative.

18. this channel documents fascinating parallel worlds of prostitutes, junkies and so on. it’s hard to stop watching.

19. flea from red hot chilli peppers is selling this gem for less than 9 million usd.

20. tokyo street style never disappoints, right?

21. these three videos are from a series called zero waste life. click to watch on youtube.

22. this was an educative and surprising video.

23. i may be going to vienna soon. i’m excited. the vienna municipality effort to inform their potential tourist is the best i know. of course they are acing at video content, too.

24. i liked maya njie’s home.

how was your october?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete