october 2023 finds is here, as late as always. it’s a long list, get a snack.


1. i finished life ceremony by sayaka murata. the japanese writer is true to her weird style in this collection of short stories.

2. i liked all the lovers in the night by mieko kawakami. she is my favourite japanese writer, i like her writing style.

3. i zipped through throw away unopened by viv albertine. it covers her later life and i’d personally say it’s better than her first book. but the first has all the juicy punk life details.

4. i zipped though misfits, a personal manifesto by michaela coel, too. not because it was so well written, but the text is very short, there are plenty of pages with enlarged quotes just to make it look more like a book. stick with her tv work.


5. cantina de medianoche 6 by yaro abe was as good as the previous volumes and as the tv series. if this tiny restaurant was a real place, i’d go there immediately!

6. ama – le souffle des femmes by manguin becq takes place in the underwater world of the japanese ama women. the drawing style is beautiful.

7. i mentioned catecismos do brasil by carlos zefiro in a post 13 years ago. yes, it’s porn. and yes, it was fun to read.

8. i’ve been eyeing peau d’homme by Hubert (text) and Zazim (drawings) for the past year. i enjoyed both the feminist storyline and the drawings.


9. i liked the current british vogue issue, especially the article on women gaming and the one on retinols.

10. i read the autumn 2023 konfekt issue. my favourite was the article about the paris libraries.


11. i love this collab between shirley manson and brody dalle. brody’s screaming gives me shivers every single time.

unfortunately, brody has a bitter relationship with former husband and qotsa frontman, josh homme. their three kids are in his full custody in spite of her being awarded a restraining order against him. click here for more details.

12. if you like pantera, check out how they put together their best album, vulgar display of power.

this is my favourite.

13. slipknot fans will enjoy the history of their masks.

14. the latest deus video was written and directed by frontman tom barman.

15. warhaus released a new song, featuring sylvie kreusch, maarten’s long-time collaborator and ex-girlfriend.

16. i came across some interesting content about japanese punk and experimental music. what you will find out will extend the limits of what we call music. also, you’ll learn about danger music and such.

17. how the iconic joy division unknown pleasures cover art by peter saville came to be.

18. maneskin released a deluxe edition of their rush album and it features a few new songs. valentine is one of them and it already has a video.

19. stray kids are attempting to take over the world, now that bts is busy with the military service.

20. i’ve liked phase me by woosong for a while. and now i discovered that suga collaborated with him and ryuichi sakamoto for a song on his recent solo album, d-day.

21. the return of courtney love by will yapp is an insightful documentary.


22. my interest in lars eidinger continues so i watched sein oder nicht sein, a very interesting documentary by reiner holzemer. recommended.

23. i saw intre revolutii/between revolutions by vlad petri at porto/post/doc. it’s a documentary made entirely of archive footage with an added fictional narrative backbone. it was heartbreaking to watch the parallel revolutions of iran and romania given the circumstances and the outcomes.


24. i just had to watch selling sunset 6.


25. they are part of tokyo and i love that.

26. watch this quiet video of kyoto in autumn.

27. mei is a new youtubber and i like her work.

28. in copenhagen, they built a hill on top of a power plant. i’ll visit as soon as possible.

29. a family added a guest house in the back of their yard.

30. i like the idea of two married artists who live and work in the same (vast) place.

31. i watched this to learn how to better cook the spongy mushrooms and realized i can cook eggplant in the exact same way.

32. watch this video to learn the connections between miuccia prada and her designs and italian fascism. it’s not what you’d imagine.

how was your october?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete