olafur eliasson has a solo show at the pinchuk art center, 21.05-2.10, called your emotional future. he is one of those wise artists who realizes that just hanging a painting on a wall is no longer sufficient so he’s conceiving the show taking into account the space and its history, among other factors. for pictures from the opening, click here and for the actual pieces, click here.

during june, in aarhus, denmark, in one of the most interesting contemporary art museums i’ve seen, aros, eliasson has a show displaying several of his installations while, on the roof, everybody can see your rainbow panorama, a permanent piece that reminds me of colour activity house┬áthe one next to the kanazawa museum i talk so much about. for more details and amazing pictures, click here and here.

olafur eliasson is one of the most complex contemporary artists! he makes me smile. and think. in case you are able to see any of his work, do not hesitate! enjoy!