origo was the place where we had the after party for our 8 person dinner last night. after yummy food and great service next door at energiea, we went to origo for a night cap.


and it was magical! the people make a party, absolutely, but a beautiful space with great music and service doesn’t hurt. we discussed our options with the very friendly staff and i personally settled on an ocean blue.

cocktails 11 1origo cocktails 11 6 origo cocktails 11 2 origo cocktails 11 3 origo cocktails 11 4

i had no idea what i was in for until the others called me to see what the barista was fixing for me. my drink was served in a polished sea snail! the tweaked recipe included vodka, spirulina tea, lime juice and blue curacao. it was served with crushed ice and with a garnish of blue foam on top. great visual impact and delicious taste. we all agreed on that!

origo cocktails 11 5 origo cocktails 11 7 origo cocktails 11 8 origo cocktails 11 9origo cocktails 11 10 origo cocktails 11 11

the others ordered tea but also sea breeze (vodka with cranberry and grapefruit juice), bellini (prosecco sparkling wine with peach puree) and green chartreuse. the latter is a wonderfully aromatic herb liqueur packing a potent 55% punch.

origo cocktails 11 12 origo cocktails 11 13 origo cocktails 11 15origo cocktails 11 14

we left dully buzzed and pleasantly ready for sleep. what more can one ask for a monday evening?

origo is one of the few places in bucharest that were featured on dezeen and archdaily. the concept is simple: a 65 sqm space that works as a coffee shop by day and as a cocktail bar by night. actually, at night, the bar is raised at 110 cm from the day height of 80 cm to fit the bill. cool, huh?

coffee shop bucharestcoffee-shop-lama-arhitectura-_radum_057Dezeen_Origo-Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_1

also on sale, there are various kinds of coffee as well as coffee making tools. the standards are so high that this place could be situated in any of the world’s leading cities: paris, sydney or tokyo.

Dezeen_Origo-Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_ss_3 Dezeen_Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_5 Dezeen_Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_ss_2

the space was designed by amsterdam-based lama architectura. the quiet highlights of the place are the 276-cup installation and the over sized bar.

Dezeen_Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_ss_13 Dezeen_Origo-Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_ss_6 Dezeen_Coffee-Shop-by-Lama-Architectura_ss_7

make sure to visit origo when you are in bucharest. i don’t drink coffee but my friends say the stuff they brew is legendary. i can swear by their cocktails though. trust me: you will love this place!

photo credits: little aesthete, radu malasincu