Who is she? The love child of Leigh Bowery and Jessica Rabbit? The wet dream of the entire PVC manufacturing business? Is she male or female? Human or cartoon? Real or imagined? A post modern artist, a fashion blogger or a journalist for the Daily Mail and The Independent? A swarm of questions and not so many answers…

Her website introduces her as a “London based Fine Artist. 7ft tall personality often seen at exclusive premiers, events and exhibitions.” Happy now?

Her eye-popping personas include the Marlboro Girl, the Windswept Redhead and the Dizzy Blond. She also has an inflatable dog, Snowy. The hair is inflatable, too. But don’t make the mistake of thinking she’s a bubble head: high art is her thing (she attended Matthew Barney’s and Damien Hirst’s shows among others) and aspires to get a Turner prize and “do an inflatable sculpture show over Oxford Street as a temple of commercialism.”

Pandemonia is a construct. She is a symbol, a simulacrum of culture. She is a persona playing with the Warholesque sense of celebrity. The form here takes center stage to the complete disregard of the content. The form is a perfectly mathematical. A series of orchestrations and correlations of mathematical beauty as a result of the influences of Parametricism and Plato’s Theory of Forms. She told me: “My work is Parametric. Beautiful mathematical shapes. If you look at the hair, there are no straight lines, or repetitions. Everything is curved, spiraled and organic. Same with the dresses, if you look at the red head dress, it’s asymmetrical”

The world is no longer a dull place now that she mingles with the cosmopolitan crowd of fashionistas and art dealers. She’s a tall, slim and shiny mirror for the shallow aspirations of the masses. An experiment gone right. Looking forward to seeing more of you, darling!

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