panos yiapanis is the most interesting stylist. i love him!

he grew up in athens and then moved to london. styled the shoot for vogue france that brought attention to rick owens. styled pretty much every recent givenchy campaign. his facebook relationship info used to say married to courtney love and now it’s complicated.  in my head, he is in the same drawer as hedi slimane and gus van sant. they all like the grace of careless young boys, the school of do-not-try-hard, of wear-your-oldest-tee-shirt and be free of outside pressure. and i totally relate…

i like it when the people i like like each other and panos has been working with many of my favourites: rick owens, ricardo tisci, steven klein, the late corinne day, terry richardson, nick knight, etc, etc.

his style survives and subtly mutates year after year, job after job: he has this dark, grungy, intense energy infusing the images. he translates himself into the style: there’s the hardcore vibe and obviously a lot of black. a celebration of strength and freedom. of being one’s own person.

interview, for further info.

photo credits: arena