pavel petel is hot! i understand if you don’t agree but i’m telling you: when i first came across his tumblr, i just couldn’t stop browsing!

pavel petel hot 13

yeah, yeah, i know there’s a high chance that he’s gay. or bi. but he won me over with his beef cake on heels persona and complete ease when in drag.

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he was born in ukaraine but he prefers to live and work in moscow. although he is rather worried now that russia has a new set of homophobic laws.

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i love his sense of humour and gender bending ways of this internet child. the censorship would not allow his appearance in regular mass media, right.

his boyfriend/manager is make up artist/blogger sergey ostrikov. he is the one behind pavel’s outlandish make up looks.

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unfortunately, the new russian laws forced him to tone down his awesome persona. the cross dressing and the naked djs act were the basics of his his super camp character.

in case you haven’t gotten the message yet, i find his major exhibitionist streak to be very sexy!

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he loves penis rings, but i saved you from dealing with those pictures. if you want to check out his package, you know what to do. just go to his tumblr for lots of awesomely nsfw pics and videos. if you’re a prude, just don’t.

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read this interview to find out more about him.

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so is pavel petel hot or not? let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

photo and video credits: pavel petel