the perfect pedicure is the result of years of trial and error. lots of practice resulted in me having the secret of the perfect diy pedicure. just follow the steps bellow and you’ll never have chipped varnish again!

perfect pedicure

i have only got my nails done professionally a few times. none of those times was impressive. so i had to teach myself. my dad had already taught me the basics of a manicure so i started from that.

day 1

  • wipe nails clean with polish remover.
  • trim toe nails. i like a square shape.
  • deal with cuticles. i push and cut them (only the dead part). i know that it’s not recommended but i have been doing it for my entire life. it seems to be working just fine if done carefully.
  • soak feet in hot water. you can add essential oils or salts.
  • brush nails clean with nail brush
  • use moisturizing cream for feet and even petroleum jelly for the nails
  • at least one hour later, wipe nails clean with nail polish remover, carefully getting rid of any greasy residue
  • now that the feet are all prepared, paint those toesies!
  • start with a base coat. i know there are special formulas but i use a regular clear varnish. i make sure i cover the entire nail. this layer will keep the colour from staining the nail.
  • i follow with a thin layer of colour. i make sure i cover the entire nail, even if that means that i go outside the contour a little.Β tip: if your nails have a height beside their length and width, paint that too.
  • after it’s completely dry, i do another layer, trying to make the whole surface as uniform as possible.
  • the last layer is the top coat. do it properly. it will keep your pedicure in place.

day 2

  • the 4 layers are dry enough by now to take some water without damage. wash your feet and lather on moisturizing cream. this should get rid of all the unwanted spotting.
  • the whole paint job should last at least 2 weeks. or until you get tired of the colour.

enjoy your perfect pedicure and remember! you can use the same perfect pedicure steps to achieve the perfect manicure!

photo credits: google search