placebo have been on my list ever since their beginning in ’94 and it’s been a pleasure to follow their effort.

transforming their otherness into a unique selling point, i’m sure they must’ve helped many outcasts feel included with their melodious angst-ridden tracks.

i’ve seen them live before, but they were still the only concert i wanted to go to this summer. so i said thank you very much when a friend presented me with an invitation.

the venue was an open air stadium which gradually cooled down as the night came. the opening acts were a dj with a good selection of related music and a local band, grimus. i didn’t like them much and i liked the vocal’s endless attempts to engage us even less: opening for a big name is a thankless job, why make it worse?

anyhow, placebo started around 10 pm and did a standard 90-minute gig. the track list had been probably the same as for other previous gigs so if you wanted, you knew exactly what to expect: a good combination of older and newer hits – the perfect gig combo!

i enjoyed the concert: the re-orchestrated songs were delivered with the enthusiasm expected from a heavily touring band, but that isn’t to say that anything was wrong. it felt less like a crazy party and more like a reunion with people i know and like. ha!

the stage was a bit more crowded than usual: beside the core 3 members there were at least a couple of other people helping out.

the concert went as usual: mr. molko conversed with the screaming fans and told them to film less and live more, stefan unleashed his hot stage persona and the thoroughly inked baby drummer laid fresh hell on that drum kit.

i left as soon as infra-red ended with a smile on my face. score! thank you, guys!

photo and video credits: google search, vlad ionuţ pîrîu