pop artoons by theodoru is an exhibition that took place recently in atelier olschinsky, in vienna.

pop artoons by theodoru

i found out about it on facebook. that’s also where i met theodoru himself. i contacted him in english, he told me he was romanian. i asked him to send me some pictures from the show and he did.

pop artoons by theodoru 4 pop artoons theodoru 5pop artoons theodoru 6pop artoons theodoru 7

pop artoons consisted of sculptures, drawings as well as insight into the process, from sketch to the finished piece.

pop artoons by theodoru 1 pop artoons by theodoru 2 pop artoons by theodoru 3pop artoons theodoru 8

theodoru aka teodoru badiu is a romania-born, vienna-based illustrator, character designer and 3D artist. he loves toys and he is continuously chasing vintage pieces. follow his tmblr to watch his ever growing collection.

pop artoons theodoru 12 pop artoons theodoru 9 pop artoons theodoru 10 pop artoons theodoru 11

the show has ended but the prints are still available online.

pop artoons theodoru 16 pop artoons theodoru 13 pop artoons theodoru 14 pop artoons theodoru 15

find theordoru here and here. or you can follow him on twitter and facebook.

photo credits: theodoru