portofino in 50 pictures is what i saw during our day trip to this former fishing village and current billionaire playground.

portofino in 50 pictures

below you can see the coast along which we drove towards our destination.

portofino in 50 pictures 1portofino in 50 pictures 2

we parked the car in the relatively neighboring santa marguerita ligure where we also had lunch.

portofino in 50 pictures 3portofino in 50 pictures 4portofino in 50 pictures 5portofino in 50 pictures 6portofino in 50 pictures 7portofino in 50 pictures 8portofino in 50 pictures 9ifif

then, we set off walking towards portofino. it was not the best idea but we swam somewhere along the way so it proved not to be the worst idea either. and then, look at these views!


along the way to portofino, we came across many beaches. some were private and charged for the privilege of lounging under an umbrella. and others were public and sometimes they consisted of barely a few square meters of pebbles. if you are a local, it may be worth it to chose a card that allows daily access to one of the private beaches. but if you’re just passing through, just take advantage of the public spots and take a dip in the wonderful water.


as you’d probably expected, the clear waters were littered with so many boats and yachts.


this is paraggi bay.


and here we are in portofino. everything was crowded and overpriced, but also undeniably beautiful.


we had some gelato and local drinks on the edge of the bay. everything around us looked like a postcard and i know the beautiful sun light didn’t hurt.


we decided to return by boat. so all the pictures from now on are obviously taken from the deck. it was crowded but we enjoyed it.


portofino is definitely beautiful, but the crowds made me a little tired. so, if you want to visit, do not forget this detail. also, come prepared for the high prices.

stay tuned for more postcards from the beautiful ligurian sea!

photo credits: little aesthete