pradasphere at harrods was one of the highlights of my recent trip to london!

pradasphere 16

i had heard about the retrospective and i really wanted to see it. so i went there on my first day. unfortunately, i had no idea that the entry was invitation-only on that day. luckily, my plane was delayed on sunday. so i had the chance to finally see the exhibition. better late than never!

pradasphere 1pradasphere 2 pradasphere 3 pradasphere 4 pradasphere 5 pradasphere 6 pradasphere 7 pradasphere 8 pradasphere 9pradasphere 10

it was everything i expected and more: decades of collections, of contemporary art and of yachting. the entire prada universe was represented and distilled, both in the exhibits as well as in the giant catalog.

pradasphere 11pradasphere 12 pradasphere 13 pradasphere 14 pradasphere 15 pradasphere 17 pradasphere 18 pradasphere 19 pradasphere 20 pradasphere 21

i saw a wonderful best-of of past collections as well as many examples of intricate craftsmanship. prada is there, in the embroidered beads, daring cuts and fearless combinations. in the wall of ever-changing images. those were nineties pictures that i used to tear from magazines and pin on my wall. but also works of art by contemporary artists and unbelievable collaborations with starchitects.

pradasphere 22pradasphere 23 pradasphere 24 pradasphere 25 pradasphere 26 pradasphere 27 pradasphere 28 pradasphere 29

pradasphere 30

i love prada so i couldn’t just go through the exhibits. i checked it all out: the selection of show invitations, the transformer model for the real life structure made with rem koolhaas and the vintage products that predated miuccia’s reign.

pradasphere at harrods 31 pradasphere at harrods 32 pradasphere at harrods 33 pradasphere at harrods 34 pradasphere at harrods 35 pradasphere at harrods 36 pradasphere at harrods 37 pradasphere at harrods 38pradasphere at harrods 39pradasphere at harrods 40

if you have been following prada’s activity, this is reminiscing. if you are a beginner, this is an introduction. either way, it’s a wonderfully detailed retrospective of one of the most inventive and bold brands out there. congratulations!

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you can still catch the pradasphere until may the 31st. if you can’t make it, just click here to explore it. enjoy!

photo credits: little aesthete