i had a great time last night having raw vegan dinner with friends.

lente cafe launched yesterday a pilot raw menu. i tasted almost everything on it and i can tell you that i left convinced: it was delicious!

the energizing soup was amazing: i wish i could have it every day!

we tried the “pasta” dishes: zucchini and cucumber cut as spaghetti and served with different sauces – all the yum and none of the calories.

and last but certainly not least, the chocolate and lemon cakes. nice! although i am a chocolate junkie, i have to say that i preferred the lemon cake with its poppy seed sauce. i will be back for more raw surprises because i really enjoyed the whole experience.

starting with today, we play in the kitchen with dishes prepared without any fire, any gluten or sugar, no animal or derived fat, just vegetable, fruit, germs, nuts and raw seeds. we are using extra virgin olive oil, cocoa and coco butter and we adjust the taste with some himalayan salt and carefully selected condiments.

the goodies are made by our cook, stefan nita, and you can find them in the living room in 8 arcului st., tuesday to saturday, 12-21.

it was my first time there and, beside liking the quiet atmosphere and the four legs and two wheels are our friends policy,  i found nice things about the place: they have two locations, cool concerts upstairs and a collection of board games available for clients to use. and the drinks are amazing! (try the orange elixir or the smoothies).

if you think raw is not your thing, don’t fret: they have a very interesting, healthy and ever changing cooked menu. i pretty much guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face.

browse their website or keep in touch with the latest info on their fb page.

photo credits: alexandra pandrea for lente